Posted on January 10th, 2010

Flying my BirdMan S3 at the Empuria X-Mas Boogie 2007. Photo by David Haygarth

In 2004, I wanted to start shooting wingsuits so I got myself a Skyflyer S3 from Jari Kuosma, the Birdman guru (thank you Jari), and off I went... Of course, I wanted to shoot big ways, something not very common back then, since they weren't so popular as they are now. To do that, in 2008, I organized the EmpuriaFlocks event at my home DZ. I invited Jarno Cordia and David Haygarth to manage the technical part of the jumps, and later Hans Schroeder. We had a full TwinOtter load with WS flyers only. They managed to build this nice formation, and I was very happy with the picture. It's funny, I was more comfortable flying on my back than on my belly as I went low almost every time...:-)

The second edition was in 2009, but I was grounded after I broke my wrist cave diving on Mallorca, which meant no more jumping for me. Later on, the big suit fever caught on. I got on board with a Phoenix-Fly Stealth, did a few jumps but it had too much fabric for my taste so I decided to focus on Freefly and tighter suits... :-)