Seminars and Workshops:

When I started jumping cameras in 1991, there wasn’t any easy way to learn. Sending letters, asking questions to pro camera flyers, traveling and meeting them and shooting internationals events, gave me experience and knowledge that I wanted to share with others. For that I have been giving courses and seminars since 1998, with my first one at my dz in Argentina, to help save some headaches and mistakes to jumpers that wanted to learn and improve their skills. 

Few years later I create the Flying Camera School, and gave courses and seminars in Spain, Italy, Brazil and the US.

Now, technology opened the door to do it online and I can reach people worldwide without the need to travel, which is perfect.

The workshops takes two full days, covering multiple aspects of flying cameras in skydiving, both in theory and practice, in all disciplines: Formation Skydiving, Freestyle, Freefly in head up, head down and angle, Canopy formations, Wingsuit, Tandems and students. We’ll talk and show suitable video and photo equipment, flying techniques, professional work and safety.

We’ll watch and analyze images of real situations, compiled at drop zones around the world, very useful to illustrate each topic.

There will be a lot of information, tips and experiences. The idea is also to expand the program to skydiving in general, beyond cameras: how to keep jumping for long, being a professional in the sport, etc.

First online course: March 2021, contact me if you’re interested. Thank you!