Gustavo Hector Garcia Cabana Rojo

Argentine from Buenos Aires, Gustavo Hector is the youngest son of a family of 4. With an accountant father and a photographer mother, he took his first pictures at the age of 6. He attended mechanical engineering school, studied photography, was a bass player, a junior Firefighter, a technical rebreather cave and wreck diver, and started skydiving at the age of 22. After completing 70 jumps, he strapped a VHS recorder and a camera on his helmet to film his friends. Since then, it became his passion, his lifestyle, and his profession.

Now he has over 27000 camera jumps shooting all types of skydives in competitions, training camps, demos, boogies, expeditions, commercials, as well as photo, video, and film productions. Shooting big way records became one of his specialties, and he’s the only camera flyer that filmed the biggest four World Records in Formation Skydiving 400 way, Freefly Head Down 168 Way and Head up 84 Way, and Canopy Formations 100 Way for a total of 29 World Records. He has jumped in 28 countries: Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Cuba, United States, Brazil, Colombia, Thailand, Uruguay, Spain, France, Croatia, Germany, Ecuador, Venezuela, Czech Republic, Poland, India, China, Qatar, Mexico, Chile, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Costa Rica, Egypt and Sweden, jumping from Cessna’s to Hercules C130’s, as well as Helicopters, Jets Boeing 727 and AN72, Biplanes, Trikes and Balloons (a total of 47 different airplanes and 8 helicopters).

He started shooting Formation Skydiving Teams early on, earning gold medals with his Tango 4 Way Team in Argentina, and in the Latin Championship in Cuba in 1994, and a bronze medal with the Perris Valley local 10 way speed star team in the US Nationals 1997. He also shoot 4, 8, 10 & 16 way teams as a pool cameraflyer, at the U.S. Nationals from 1997 to 1999. He also competed as a team cameraflyer at the first US Open of Skysurf at Perris Valley in 1997 and in Brazil championships in '96 & '97. After he moved to Spain, he was the cameraflyer for the Spanish 4 & 8 way teams, earning several medals at their Nationals and competing at the World Championships in Gap, France in 2003, with the National 4 way team.

During his Formation Skydiving competitive years, he experienced the process of dubbing the videos for the judges during the meets, and worked in the dubbing room at the US Nationals 2000, and then for the World Air Games in Granada in 2001, Spain, he create the Videolounge, a dubbing room with an special touch for the comfort of the cameraflyers, and providing the required video copies of all the rounds in all disciplines after that. World Cup 2002 and World Championships 2004 will follow, and then he retired from the competition scene.

In 1998 he organized the first Training Camps in Argentina, to help raise the level of skydiving there, inviting international coachs and renting big turbine aircraft and made a new National FS largest formation record in 1999. After 3 successful events there, he organized the fourth at Skydive Deland in the US. Later he organized the EmpuriaFlock 2007 & 2008 Wingsuit events and the September Freefly camps 2018 & 2019 at Skydive Empuriabrava.

In 1995 he met Chris Gay in Brazil, in a Canopy Formations event, a very unique discipline in the sport, and since then together they made severals CF training camps in Brazil, Argentina, the US and Spain and all the biggest formation World Records to date. Also, as part of the Canopy Formation Specialists team, they travel together for spectacular demonstration jumps in places like China, Qatar, Egypt and the US.

In 1999 he shoot his first World Record of Formation Skydiving in Thailand with the World Team, organized by B.J. and Sara Worth , and in the following years more records and great events, including the Kaleidoscopes and Flight of the Phoenix, and the actual biggest record of 400 way in 2006.

He designed, built and managed a high altitude oxygen system that allowed to break multiple skydiving records in Europe, with fleets up to 7 aircrafts for the Empuriabrava Challenge in 2013, when four 106 ways world records were made in Sequential Formations, and back to back, the biggest European Head down record to date: a 98 way. Also the 21, 25 and 43 ways European head up records and the 80 way Euro Head Down record of 2011.

He been giving camera courses since 1998, and seminars in the Parachute Industry Association Symposiums in San Diego 2001, Barcelona 2008 and Daytona Beach 2015, and he create the Fly Camera School with the goal of educate and help make camera flying safer for newer jumpers and experienced alike. In May 2021, an online version of the FCS was launched, and now he's able to reach jumpers all around the World with his FlyCamera Courses Online.

In 2011 he started to focus in freefly, getting coaching in UK and US wind tunnels and participating in multiple freefly events. In march 2013 when he attend his first Fly4Life camp in Florida, it was a real turning point in his flying. He keep attending them first as a student and then as a cameraflyer for many years, giving him a first row seat of the evolution of angle and movement jumps with the world top load organisers that the Fly4Life team brings together.

In 2015, he shoot his first Freefly World Record, a 164 way Head Down formation at Skydive Chicago and the attemps to build a 200 way in 2018 and 2022. The Head Up World Records 55 way and 72 way in 2016 and the 84 way in 2019 will follow.

In 2016 was invited to join the freefly team FlyWarriors, and together they push Head Up flying in Europe, organizing severals euro records and selecting flyers for the world records in 2016 and 2019. He created and organized the high altitude Warrior September Camps in 2018 & 2019, and the FlyWarriors YouTube channel. In early 2021 during the pandemic, he was fired by his teammates via zoom, after disagreements with their event & marketing department (a.k.a. wives).

He is one of the more experienced freefly events cameraflyer, having shoot the Fly4Life team, Fly Warriors, Airspace Shredfest and Sequential events, Island Sieges, Vector Fests, Friflaj Festival, Funshine and Ethernal boggies, LSD camps, and numerous head down and head up euro and world records and tryouts.

In 2020 he launched his new website to share his 30 years worth of images with the World.I

In October 2023, Gustavo had the great honour of been inducted in the International Skydiving Hall of Fame, in Arizona, USA. Created in 2010, the International Skydiving Hall of Fame recognizes and honors those who, through leadership, innovation and/or accomplishments have defined, promoted, inspired and advanced skydiving at the highest

and sustained levels such that they have made it possible for generations of skydivers to enjoy the sport.

Gustavo lives in Catalunya, Spain, since 2001, where he manages his Photo & Video studio and Fly Camera School and jump as a video staff of Skydive Empuriabrava, Europe's premier drop zone.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in February 8th, 1966

Start Studies in Photography: May 1982

First Jump: December 11th, 1988

First Camera Jump: March 24th, 1991

FreeFly events:

Vertical World Record Attempts 200 Way, Skydive Chicago, August 2022

Vertical World Record attempts 200 Way, Skydive Chicago, July 2018

Vertical World Record 168 Way, Skydive Chicago, Aug 2015

Head Up World Record 84 Way, Skydive Chicago, Jul 2019

Head Up World Record 72 Way, at Skydive Arizona 2016

European Head Up record 43 Way, Empuriabrava , Jun 2017.

European Women Vertical Record, 22 way, Seville, Oct 2015

European Head Up records 18 & 21 Way, Empuriabrava Set 2015

Belgium 18, 20 & 23 way head Down National Record, Aug 2023

Benelux 24 way and 2 points 14 way Sequential records, Aug 2023

Fly4Life Angle camps, FlyWarriors camps, Airspace Sequential’s, ShredFest, Vector Festivals, Frifraj Festival, B-Boogie,

Ethernal camps, LSD, Head Down & HeadUp record Try-outs, Funshine, Island Siege and many more…

Formation Skydiving Events:

400 Way World Record in Thailand 2006

357 Way World record in Thailand 2004

300 Way World Record in Eloy, AZ 2002

282 way World Record in Thailand, 1999

Mass World Records Jumps with 572, 672 and 900 jumpers landing in downtown Bangkok, Thailand in 1999, 2004 & 2006.

106 Way 2, 3 4 & 5 points Sequential World Record series, Empuriabrava 2013.

Women’s Sequential World Record: 117 Way, 2 points, in Perris Valley 2014

Skydivers Over Sixty 101 Way Record, Perris Valley, April 2023

Skydivers Over Sixty 95 Way 2 Points Sequential Record, Perris Valley, April 2023

California State Record FS 200 way, 2012.

Flight of the Phoenix, Florida State record event 2011

Head of the Camera Team at the Latin-American FS record 98 way, Venezuela 2008

Men's FS World Record 122 Way, Perris 2009.

100 / 125 Ways Kaleidoscope Dives in Florida in 2001/03/04/05 /07/09

108, 88, 65 & 40 ways Brazilian Records 1995/96/97/11

62 Way France Lappalisse DZ record 2002

4 Points 30 Way Belgium National Record Aug 2023

Spanish Woman FS Record 2007 - Argentinian, Uruguayan & Colombian FS records

Canopy Formation Events:

100 Way CF World record, FL Nov 2007

54 way 2 Points Sequential World Record, Lake Wales, FL, nov 2022

43 way 2 , 3 & 4 Points Sequential World Record, Perris, CA, nov 2019

81 & 85 Way CF World Records, FL. Nov 2005

70 Way CF World Record, Florida, dec 2003

56 Way NorthAmerican (and unofficial World) Record in Canopy Formations, FL 2002

European Women´s CF Record attemps, Empuriabrava 2004

Panamerican CF record 31 way diamond, Brazil 2001

Florida USA, CF State record 38 Way 2001

Spanish Canopy Formation Record 30 Way Empuriabrava

Womens Canopy Formation World Record, Perris Valley 1997

Demo Jumps with the Canopy Formation Specialists World Team, in China 20012/14/19, Qatar 2015/16 and Egypt in 2020/21/22

Video Production for the Handball World Championships in Qatar Dec 2015, with the Canopy Formation Specialists World Team.

Formation Skydiving Competitions:

4 & 8 Way competition video with the Spanish National Team at the World Cup, Spain 2002

4 way competition video with the Spanish National Team at the World Championships 2003, Gap, France

Latinamerican Champion in 4 way with the Argentine Tango Team in Varadero, Cuba 1994

Formation Skydiving Spanish National Gold Medals 4 & 8 Way 2002

Formation Skydiving 4, 8, 10 & 16 way Competition pool cameraman in U.S. Nationals ’97,’98 & ’99

Bronce medal 10 way Speed Star U.S. Nationals 1997

Formation Skydiving 4 Way Gold Medal, Argentina 1994

Cameraman for the First U.S. Open of Skysurf in Perris, California 1997. 

Official Photographer for the World Games 2005, in Duisburg, Germany.

Photographer and Video Controlling and dubbing at the World Parachuting Championships Croatia 2004 

Photographer and Video Controlling and dubbing at the World Parachuting Cup 2002, Spain

Photographer and Video Controlling and dubbing at the Second World Air Games Granada 2001 

Video Controlling and dubbing in U.S. Nationals 2000. 

Wingsuit events:

Organizer and cameraflyer of the Empuria Flocks event in Empuriabrava in 2007 and 2008, building the largest formation in Spain.


Seminars in Skydiving Photography and Video in the Parachute Industry Association Symposium 2001 in San Diego, CA, Barcelona 2008, and Daytona Beach, FL 2015.

Flying Camera School courses in Brasil 2017, Italy 2015, Empuriabrava 2004, ’05, ’06, ’15, '16 & ’17 and Argentina ’98, ’99, 2000 & 2007

Head of the Camera Team at Aamby Valley Skydiving project in Pune, India, 2012/13.

Ads campaign for Springfield clothing brand with Dani Román in Barcelona, Spain, 2023

TV and movie commercials for HSBC Bank, Kent with skysurfer Eric Fradet, Bobigoma and others.

Organizer Warriors September Camp, Empuriabrava 2018 & 2019

Organizer of the FS Big Ways Training Camps in Argentina ’98, ’99, 2000 & Deland 2001.

Organizer of EmpuriaFlock Wingsuit Big Ways events in 2008 & ‘09

Designed, built and operate the oxygen systems for the 7 planes fleet of the Empuriabrava Challenge FS World Records and Euro Freefly records 2011 to 2017

Jumps over the Iguazu Waterfalls, Argentina in 1993

Skydiving Expeditions to the ”Valle de la Luna” and “Talampaya Canyon”, near the Andes mountains in Argentina 1999

First Jumps ever made from a Hot Air Balloon in the Patagonia, 1999

Spread the Wings boogies over the great Pyramids of Giza, Hatshepsut Temple and Nile River Egypt, in 2021 & 2022

Countless Skydiving Events and Boogies all over the World and photography work for magazines and printed and online media

Skydiving events List:


5-10 Feb Ethernal Boogie, Skydive Boituva, Brasil

30-2 April Natural Fly Camp, Ravenna, Italy

12- 16 April SOS 101 FS World Record

21-24 June Midsummer Frijflaf Festival Sweden

10-16 Aug HD and FS Sequ Belgium Records, Moorsele

31-03 Set 16 Way Camp Pete Allum-David Grauwells, Empuriabrava

05-07 Oct USA CRW Night demo at Hall of Fame - Eloy, Arizona

14-15 Oct USA HU World Record Training, Eloy, Arizona

23-27 Oct Film Project, Castellon, Spain

13-19 Nov CRW Sequ World Record Attempts, Lake Wales, Florida, USA

26-30 Nov Egypt Spread The Wings Boogie, Cairo, Egypt


10-15 Jan CFS Night Demo Jumps, Sharm el Sheik, Egypt

1-5 Feb Ethernal Boogie Foz do Iguaçu, Brasil

11-19 Feb Hercules Big Ways, Punta del Este, Uruguay

7-10 April Skydivers Over Sixty FS World Record attempts, Perris Valley, USA

11-17 July Infamous Skydiving Team FF Skill Camp at Hel peninsula, Poland

8-14 Aug Vector Festival, Skydive Stockholm, Sweden

22-26 Aug 200 Way Vertical World Record Attempts, Skydive Chicago, USA

5-9 Set Airspace ShredFest, Skydive Salerno, Italy         

17-23 Nov CF 54way 2Points Sequential World Record, Lake Wales, FL, USA

27 nov - 05 dic  Spread The Wings boogie, Egypt

26 Dic - 1 Jan X-Fest Boogie, Skydive Empuriabrava


27-30 Aug CFS Demo Jumps, El-Alamein, Egypt

12-14 Nov Vertical World Record TryOuts, Skydive Sebastian

15-19 Nov Fly4Life Camp, Skydive Deland

22-24 Nov Plug&Play Fly4Life, Skydive Deland

1-10 Dec Spread the Wings Boogie, Egypt


4-8 Febr Ethernal Boogie, Piracicaba, Brasil

22-26 Sept Warriors Camp, Skydive Empuria, Spain

1-8 Dic CFS - Skydive Pharaohs Demo Jumps, Egypt


22 dic -1 Ene X-Fest Empuria

26 Ene- 2 Febr Tsunami Skydivers Boogie, Tambor, Costa Rica

 6-10 Febrero Ethernal Boogie, Piracicaba, Brasil

6-10 March 1st Euro Tryout Head up World record 

27 March-9 April Fly4Life Camp

10-14 April Head Up Record warm out

29 Apr-7 May Cody's Celebration, SKydive Spaceland, Texas, USA

8-12 May 2nd Euro Try Outs Head Up World record, Skydive Empuriabrava 

27-31 Mayo Fly4Life camp, Skydive Algarve, Portugal

26-30 June warm up

22-26 July Record HU Chicago

17-20 Sept ShredFest 2

24-29 September Warriors September Camp 2019

8-14 Oct CFS Demo Jumps China

16-19 Oct CF 39 Way Sequential World Records, Perris Valley

12-16 Nov Fly4Life Camp, Deland

22-24 Nov Plug&Play Fly4Life Camp, Deland

25-29 Dic X-Fest Boogie Skydive Empuriabrava


Feb 8-11 HD Try Outs Empuria

March 13-17 Fly4Life Camp

      Junio 2-9 Burning Spring    

Junio 19-24 Vector Fest Klatovy  

July 3-4 Warriors training

July 6-8 LSD

Julio 20-27 Flanders Boogie

Ago 11-17 HeadDown WR Chicago

Ago 21-26 Island Siege

Set 25-29 Warriors HTL Camp

17-21 Oct HU Warm Up

13-17 Nov Deland Fly4Life camp


Enero 25-29 Resende

Febrero 1-5 Ethernal Chile

Febrero 24-Marzo 5 Carna-Zimba

March 14-18 Fly4Life Camp

April 13-16 HU Warriors Record Try Outs

May 3-6 Hurricane Madness 2nd Edit Ocania

May 11-14 HU Warriors record Try Outs

        Mayo 13-21 Burning Spring

June 12th - 16th Airspace Shred Fest

Jun 21-25 HeadUp 72 Way EuroRecord

22 July - 28 July: Flanders Boogie 2017 

22-26 August Island Siege

Set 29 to 2, 4 to 7th Oct Funshine Reunion Boogie Seville

Nov. 7-10 FlyWarriors with Jasper Empuria

Nov 14-18 Fly4Life camp

Camera Seminar Empuriabrava

Camera Seminar Boituva


3-7 Febrero Ethernal Chile

15-19 Mach Fly4Life Angle Camp Deland

24 Marzo David Gilmour at Hollywood Bowl / “25 Years Flying Camera"

31 Marzo-1 Abril FlajFlaj     

5-10 April Upright World Record AZ

13-17 Abril HD Latin Record Boituva

5-8 Mayo Burning Spring Boggie

6 Mayo 2016 "1/2 Life Flying Camera: 18350-9175 days”

13 - 16 June Airspace Sequentials - Flanders Select (Moorsele) 

1-2-3 July Fano Bomboklat

13-17 Summer Babylon Boogie

16-22 Julio Flanders Boogie

23-25 September , Women's Vertical World Record Training Camp at Skydive EmpuriaBrava

6 - 9 October HeadUp Training 16.5 Empuria

1-5 Nov Ethernal ChillOut ParaTi Brasil

15-19 Nov Fly4Life Camp Deland

24 - 27 November 16.5 Empuria

Camera Seminar Empuriabrava


 1- Jan 1-2 X-Fest Empuria

 2- Jan 3-21 Qatar CF demos

 3-8 Febr Ethernal Boogie La Cumbre ARgentina

 13-22 Febr Pachangon Boogie Mexico

 10-14 March Fly4Life March Flight Camp

 6- March 20-22: Skydive Sebastian, Organizer: Rook Nelson

 7- March 27-29 CRW Spring Sebastian

 8- March 30- April 3 Pia Orlando 

 9- May 8-10 FFWR Tryouts at Empuriabrava

10- May 22 al 26 Pinksterweekend B-Boogie, Belgium

11- June 3 al 10 Molinella Camera Seminar Italy

12- June 15-18 Flanders Select

13- July 23 al 26 Babylon Giconi boogie

14- July 25 - Aug 2 Summerfest,

Vertical World Record Chicago

15- August 20-23 HU Record Evaluation Empuria

16- Set 21-26 Head-Up 18 & 21 Way European Records Empuria

17- Oct 25-28 EuroLady’s 22 Way Head Down Record

18- Oct 29 -1 Nov Babylon Rocky Boogie Horror Show / Halloween Boogie Empuria

19- Nov 17-21 Fly4Life Angle Camp Deland

20- Dec 11-19 Qatar National Day

21- Dec 26, Ene 2 Christmas Boogie

Camera Seminar Empuriabrava


6 al 10 February Eternal Boogie   

March 4-8th UPT Flight Camp 2014 at Skydive Arizona

March 11-15 Sebastian Flight Camp 2014

March 16-28 Flajflaj 2014 Lake Elsinore

March 28 – 4 April 2014 AZ 222 Way Fly it Forward World Team

April 17-21 Babylon Easter Boogie 

April-May Babylon Photo Sessions

May 9 Weekend Warriors

May 25 Weekend Warriors

8-13 Julio Vector Fest Empuriabrava

21-27 Julio King of Swoop Empuriabrava

24 Ago 11:25 China to 1 Set 9:25  CF World Team

October 12-18 Women's Sequential World Record Perris Valley

Nov 15 Fly4Life Sebastian Angle Camp

26Dec/3Jan XFest Empuria


06-10 March Fly4Life Angle Camp Sebastian

12 al 16 UPT Camp AZ

28 Mar - 1 Abril Eastern Boogie Empuriabrava

4-15 Abril 222 Way Sequential World Record AZ

 23 Mayo al 6 Junio Latino Flight Camp Empuria 2013 

9-14 July Vector Festival (Chalon sur Soane).

19-22 EuroRecord FS Sequential Record Empuriabrava

19-23 Nov Fly4Life Sebastian Angles

28 Nov to 1 Dec Thanksgiving Boogie AZ

30 Nov to 6 Dic Square One World Sequential Series AZ 2013

11 Dic: 25 years skydiving

21 dic - 1 Ene X-Mas Boogie Empuria


31 march to 8 April La Cumbre Boogie

1 to 17 May Califorsaltation Lod

16 to 20 May: P3 Spring Flying: Perris Wheel

21 to (29) 31 may China CF

23 to 27 Junio Vector Fest Prostejov

22 al 26 Julio EuroBig Ways Poland

21 to 28 August China CF

22-25 Set FS 16 Way Empuria

   15 al 18 Nov Kaleidoscope Dives Deland

Dic-10 Feb Aamby Valley Skydive, India


21 al 24 Feb Tunnel Camp Babylon

5 al 8 de Marzo Hercules Boggie Salto, Uruguay

14 al 17 de Abril Flight of the Phoenix Deland 150 Ways

15 al 22 de Abril Brasil recorde en AZ

21 al 30 Junio Vector Boogie in Prostejov Czech

22 al 24 Julio 64 Way Sequential at SummerFest Chicago

23 al 31 de Julio SummerFest Chicago

21-25 Setiembre 16 Ways/Eurorecord

12 al 16 Octubre 200 Ways Perris Cal State Record

24 al 27 Nov:  Euro P3 Empuria

24 dic / 1 Ene Christmas Boogie


1-5 Abril Eastern Boggie

17-23 Abril Recorde Brasileiro AZ

16-20 Junio Vector Festival

20-24 octubre 200 way Eloy

20-23 nov Kaleidoscope

Punta del Este Boggie


20 dic al 4 de enero    Christmas Boogie

10-11 de enero      Seminario Camara

27 febr al 17 Marzo     Thai Sky Fest

9-13 Abril Eastern Boogie

17 Abril Flight of the Phoenix FL State Record Deland

27 Abril al 3 de Mayo Empuriaflock 09

5 al 13 Sept Vector Festival

21-27 Sept 122 Way Men’s World Record Perris 

19 - 22 Nov Punta Boogie

Nov Kaleidoscope Dives Deland FL


6 al 12 Enero WIngsuit Empuria

21 to 23 February Camera Seminar PIA Symposium Barcelona

9 al 25 Marzo Thai Sky Festival

5 al 11 de Mayo  Empuriaflock

24 May to 1 June CF Camp

15 al 21 Junio Record Latino Venezuela

23-27 Julio Campionato de España

19 al 21 Sept Record Femenino

25 - 28 Sept Airspeed Empuria Challenge

25-26 Oct Sky rats

20 al 23 Nov Kaleidoscope Dives Deland

Dic 13, Ecuador Boogie


3 al 19 de Marzo Thai Sky Festival

5 al 8 de Abril Record Femenino

5  al  9 Abril Eastern Boggie

16 al 20 Mayo Beach Swoop Boggie

26 Mayo al 3 de Junio CF Big Ways

19 al 22 de Julio The Project 4 way Pete Allum

15 al 19 de Agosto 40 way challenge Patrick Passe France

26 al 30 Setiembre Empuria Challenge

10 al 14 Octubre Nacionales de TR   

3 al 4 de Nov Sky Rats 

17 Nov Kaleidoscope Dives Deland

17 al 25 de Nov CRW Record 100 Way

Dic 27 Wingsuit Empuria Christmas Boogie


Christmas Boggie Empuriabrava, Dec 2006

23 Oct Ecuador

Airspeed Challenge Empriabrava, Set 2006

King of Swoop Competition, July 2006

Canopy Formations Big Way Camp, May 2006

Beach Boogie Empuriabrava, May 2006

Eastern Boogie Empuriabrava, April 2006

400 Way World Record, Thailand Feb. 2006

Camera Seminar Empuriabrava


Nov 19 Kaleidoscope Dives Deland FL

Nov 25 CF 81 & 85 Way World Record, FL Nov. 2005

Beach Boogie Empuriabrava, May 2005

Canopy Formations Big Way Camp, June 2005

July 14, World Games, Germany

March 25 Boogie Paraguay

Punta del Este Exotic Skies Adventures Boogie, Feb. 2005 Uruguay FS record

Camera Seminar Empuriabrava


Jan 357 Way World Record Thailand

CF womens euro record

Set World Championships Croatia

20 Nov Kaleidoscope Dives FL

Camera Seminar Empuriabrava


World Championships Gap, France

20 Nov Kaleidoscope Dives FL

Dec CF 70 Way WR


Espace Boogie / Lapalisse FS Record

Spanish Nationals 4 & 8 Way Gold Medal

World Cup Empuria

CF 56 Way American and Unoficial World record FL 

300 Way Arizona


PIA Symposium San Diego

4to Training Camp Deland

CF Panamerican Record, Rio de Janeiro

Second World Air Games Championships Granada

Espace Boogie

Nov Kaleidoscope Dives FL

Nov 25 CF Florida 38 Way record


3er Training Camp Rosario

US Nationals Video Controlling

Camera Seminar Chenaut DZ


282 Way World Team Thailand

Colombia FS record

2do Training Camp Rosario, Argentine FS record

Patagonia Ballon Jumps

Valle de la Luna

US Nationals Sebastian

Camera Seminar Lobos


1er Training Camp Lobos

Latin Challenge Sebastian

US Nationals AZ

Camera Seminar Lobos


Boogie Kent

Brasil Record, Deland

Space Shuttle jumps 

World Freefall Convention, Quincy, Ill

US Nationals Perris Valley

Skysurf US Open


Ubatuba Boogie

Carnaval Boogie, Boituva

Atlanta CF Diamond Quest

Brasil Record, Deland

World Freefall Convention, Quincy, Ill


Deland Tango Training

Reto Latino

Argentine Championships 4 Way Gral Pico

9-12 Noviembre Simposio Air Press


FS National Championships, San Juan

Latin Championships Varadero, Cuba


20-28 Febrero Boogie YVaPeVe Paraguay

Boogie Cataratas Iguazu

Boogie del centro de la republica Cordoba

Oct 12 Camp Nac Cordoba


Boogie Formosa

April Campeonato Nacional Pergamino

1er Cup FS 4 Way Bolivia



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