Recently Parachutist editor Laura sharp asked 16 skydiving photographers to submit an image for a pictorial in this special time we’re living in... I was honored to be included, along with my heroes since I have started jumping cameras, friends, co-workers and even one of my early students in camera flying, how cool is that?. 

I chose a picture of Luis Prinetto from Fly4Life team, because we photographers owe a lot to the people who take the time, work hard, and take risks to organize skydiving events. Events where we had the opportunity to shoot great skydiving, all around the world. I've been in that position myself several times, and I know what it takes…

Today, I'm very happy to finally present my project: “Celebrating 30 years of camera flying" due on March 24th, 2021, with my new website and the goal to upload pictures from all the events I have shot (something like 300?). 

In all these years, I have met so many people, coming and going, and wouldn't it be cool for them to have the chance to relive their days in the sport by checking an event gallery from 20+ years ago?

A lot of the events I have shot took place at Skydive Empuriabrava, my home drop zone and workplace for the last 20 years! Being able to work here and being able to travel to shoot events elsewhere was essential for my progression as a camera flyer. I'm more than grateful to all the management and people from the DZ for all these years, and for being such a beautiful place to skydive and live.

My sponsors, such as UPT and Performance Designs have been supporting my work since the late ’90s: Cypress, Larsen & Brusgard, Tonflly, Cookie... I'm very grateful to have access to the absolute best equipment in the industry. Bonehead and Exit Composites, Merlin and Nec Suits have helped me as well back in the day.

My Fly Warriors teammates with whom made many events in Empuria, including all the Head Up European records to date, allowed me to train and to take so many pictures with our beautiful drop zone background.

My love and partner Mariana, who helps me in every way, especially with my physical training which is the key to continue flying stronger than ever….

Thank you all!

Carpe diem...