Posted August 24th, 2019

The 84 way Head Up World Record was accomplished on the 20th attempt, after a week of teamwork counting with 139 skydivers that were aspiring to be on it, as well as lots of supporters that contributed to making it happen.

It's hard to imagine all the effort, concentration, and hard work required to be in one of these formations. People are constantly rotating in and out of the big group according to their performance, which can be good one day and not so good the next day, or good in one slot and not so good in another.

The feeling and trust required from the organizers making the decisions about who is in and who is out, especially when time is running out, can be daunting and frustrating.

The 12 way base, in “Tupac Amaru” style, done for the first time, proved to be a hard one. In the end, we were successful, but not without great amounts of pain.

All the people required to make those records attempts: pilots, mechanics, oxygen crew, packers, cameras, judges, manifest, DZ staff, the EatUp lovely people who fed us all week with style... all that, in the incredible facilities of Skydive Chicago....Thank you all for your great work!

With these images of the two biggest formations of the week (the 15th attempt of a 108 way with 103 in, and the 21st and last: a 101 way with 99 in), I would like to acknowledge everybody's effort. All those who trained, who tried, and showed up to make all of this happen... you’re all awesome, thank you!