Posted on January 1st 2020

First United States Parachute Association's Parachutist - USPA cover of the decade... I like the way it started :-) Looking forward to more events that allow me to make images worthwhile of publication...

By the way, this sequential world record happened exactly 24 years after the very first time I shot canopy formations. I was very lucky to have met Chris J. Gay in Brasil, during the Revista Air Press Symposium in ’95, when they built the first-ever 9-way diamonds in SouthAmerica.

From then on, and thanks to Chris drive, the help of Performance Designs and new techniques, came an impressive series of nationals and world big way records, starting with a series of 50 and 56 ways in 2002, going through 64, 70, 81, 85 to the ultimate goal of the firsts 100-way diamonds built in Nov 2007... what a privilege I had to have shot all of them!

I’ll be always grateful for all that Chris taught me, for all the events and adventures we shared all over the world, but mostly for his friendship... gracias mi amigo, and por muchos mas!

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